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Vegetable Gardens << Click here for all other Services

Organic vegetable garden designs, installation and monitoring services are available. Various styles and gardening methods can be applied depending upon how much space is available, what your favorite fruits, herbs and vegetables are and how much food you want to yield. Your organic garden is then installed with quality topsoil and / or compost that will provide the healthy growing medium for your plants to prosper. Drip systems can be implemented with or without the use of rain barrels as an option to assist in your irrigation needs.


Your site conditions are considered and a design is created from small lanai gardens to large full scale gardens, installing all the materials necessary. Timed seed starters are available to replace your organic vegetables that have already been harvested. This service assists you in employing crop rotation which provides a consistent available variety of foods to grow throughout the season. Our monitoring services assist and educate you in having the most productive garden possible as we evaluate your garden's progress. Our methods have no impact on the environment; in fact, you will be improving the environment by capturing carbon in your soil which is a benefit to the carbon exchange in the atmosphere.

Customers can enjoy the benefits (increased freshness and nutrient density) from eating their own fruits, vegetables and herbs knowing personal gratification as well as improving the quality of the food they eat each day.

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