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A rain garden is a shallow depression that is planted with deep-rooted plants and grasses. It is located to receive runoff from any impervious surface such as a roof, a downspout, driveway or slope of the land. Rain gardens capture the flow of water from its source and use it as a resource. Here the water is held for a short period of time to allow for natural absorption into the selected plantings accompanied by filtration and percolation for ground water recharge. A rain garden is a swale planted with water and drought tolerant plants to aid in absorption of water, nutrients and chemicals. Rain gardens are one of the cheapest and easiest solutions for excess water that can be installed almost anywhere. They greatly reduce storm water runoff and therefore reduce the impact of pollutants that would otherwise enter local drainage systems, the estuaries and ultimately our precious Gulf of Mexico.

In urban areas, water flows quickly across hard surfaces, picking up pollutants -- from lawn clippings, pesticides, fertilizers, gas, oil and other types of residue -- before dumping into storm drains. In most cases, pollutant loaded storm water is not treated or cleaned in any way. By making adjustments to how your property mitigates water runoff we can capture and redirect the otherwise wasted rain water. When this system is functioning properly, it will improve your water quality increasing the health of the plants and reducing irrigation demands on your land.

Directing rainwater to a rain garden, holding it and then allowing it to slowly release into the soil, allows water from a large storm to be slowed and cleaned – quickly, neatly and naturally.


Rain Garden Benefits:

Increase the amount of water filtering into the ground which helps replenish our aquifers and potable (drinking) water supply
Enhance the beauty of your yard and your neighborhood
Use less water and require less maintenance than the lawns or other landscaping they replace

Decrease irrigation needs on your property

Rain gardens can absorb runoff, and do so as much as 40% more efficiently than a lawn
Filter oil and grease from driveways, chemical pesticides and fertilizers from lawns, and other pollutants before they reach storm drains and eventually streams, wetlands, lakes and marine waters
Reduce flooding on neighboring property, overflow in sewers, and erosion in nearby water ways by absorbing water from impervious surfaces
Provide valuable wildlife habitats for birds and butterflies

Rain Barrels and Catchment Systems
Together with you, we can plan and install a system to meet your needs. There are above and below ground options that can be chosen ranging from 55 gallons to thousands of gallons. Above ground barrels can be painted or decorated to match your home's color scheme.

Rain barrels and catchment systems are used for a variety of purposes:
Additional irrigation for lawns, landscapes and vegetable gardens
Cleaning of garden/outdoor equipment
Storage of water for daily or emergency use

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