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A sustainable approach in organic lawn care and landscape care is used along with natural products. These services help to restore the life in your soil and replenish what chemicals may have depleted along with the systematic removal of organic matter. The focus of our organic lawn care or landscape program is proactive care. If you have established plantings, converting over to an organic program can give you the peace of mind that you are caring for your plants and soil without harmful chemicals creating a healthy and safe environment for your family and pets.

Benefits of a sustainable organic lawn or landscape include:
Complete safety; children and pets can play in your yard immediately after application
Reduces / eliminates the negative impacts of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers
Increases drought tolerance
Improves aesthetics of plant materials
Stimulates flowering and fruit set
Improves nutrient retention
Increase plants natural immune system
Promotes stronger and deeper root development

Please note that when you utilize organic / natural methods of plant care that the results may take a little longer. The results are dependent upon the condition of your soil at the beginning of an organic lawn care or landscape program and how the plants have been treated in the past. The outcome of an organic lawn care or landscape program is much longer lasting and healthier once the system is brought into the correct balance. Restoring the life in your soil combined with our whole systems approach is the sustainable way to take care of your property.

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