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As a licensed landscape contractor, we are faced with choices each day that can either harm or help the environment. Every day at Eco Logic Land Care we strive to make the choices that help. Our industry practices have a direct impact on our environment and our health; this is the reason we have a clear obligation to create landscapes that are safer and more sustainable for you.

While it is a step in the right direction, 'Going Green' is not about just using organically based fertilizers and organic products. It's about caring for your property as an integrated system, better known as the 'whole systems approach'. This in turn will promote a healthy functioning soil and plant ecosystem reducing your future maintenance costs. (The money you save would have typically been used to treat the ongoing symptoms of a stressed landscape). The services offered here will provide you peace of mind as you enjoy a safer and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Materials used in our programs are OMRI certified and food grade materials.

Sustainable landscape solutions are available to residential, commercial and municipal clients:

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