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A green wall consists of carefully engineered, fabricated boxes made of materials to suit their application. They can be either free-standing or installed directly onto a building structure with or without an integrated drip irrigation system. These sectional boxes are filled with plant materials to create a design suitable to your liking and for the green wall application. The installations can turn an unused or unsightly space into indoor or outdoor living pieces of art. Green walls are well suited for the urban environment, as they allow good use of available vertical surface areas. Examples include the installation of a privacy wall between two properties, an indoor bio-filtration system for mitigation of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or a simple indoor green wall box in your kitchen filled with your favorite herbs for cooking. Green walls are also referred to as living walls, biowalls, or vertical gardens.

Some of the proven benefits include:
Indoor air purification
Reduced heat absorption
Stress reduction
Creation of a green space for an indoor environment
Vertical vegetable or herb gardening

This is a great solution for residents & businesses looking to become more "green" and will offer LEED credits for green building certification. Applications include but are not limited to residences, offices, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and medical facilities.

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